Field Guides are condensed, pictorial-based documents designed for field use and as training guidelines. Click the links below to download/view the Field Guides.
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1 A Public Guide to Managing Stormwater Drainage on Residential Properties V2

This field guide provides a general, non-technical, discussion on the design and management of stormwater drainage on residential properties, including the resolution of common drainage problems, and the legal aspects of inter-allotment drainage.

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2 Rational Method Hydrology

This document has been prepared to: provide engineers with an overview of the Rational Method and the author’s suggested application of the hydrologic tool highlight the various way states and territories dictate how the Rational Method should be applied to different types of catchments provide an explanation of the differences between the time of concentration […]

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3 Background to Rock Sizing and Rock Roughness Equations

Problems associated with the angle of repose of rock and general approach to the development of new design procedures

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4 Use of Rock in Stormwater Engineering V6

A pictorial guide to the sizing and placement of rock within stormwater drainage systems.

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5 A Public Guide to Storm and Flood Hydrology V4

A pictorial-based, non-technical public guide to understanding storm and flood hydrology.

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